Crude Oil Commercial
Information System (COCIS)

A comprehensive, web-based solution that automates Crude Oil Accounting and Reports processes.
COCIS also automates the Lifting operations such as Entitlement modelling, Lifting forecast and generation
of different customizable reports.

COCIS is a comprehensive, highly customizable and scalable solution used to deliver the core objectives of the Crude Oil Commercial Department. Most of the activities of the Crude Oil Commercial Division/Department rely on common set of data such as lifting, production, quota, prices, cost elements and others. COCIS handles computations, manipulations and processing of data within the affected departments and consolidates these data to single database and provides platform for future data mining and inferences. It also generates outputs in the form of reports, schedules and programming sheets.

We understand that most of the activities of the crude oil commercial division/department rely on common set of data such as lifting, production, quota, prices, cost elements and others. These common data are used for preparing and generating different reports and models.

COCIS consolidates these data to one single database and provides a platform that future data mining and inferences could be performed. COCIS handles computing, manipulating and processing of these data within the affected departments. It also generates output in form of reports, schedules and programming sheets.

COCIS is majorly technical. Though these processes are complex, COCIS simplifies them by providing a simple click-click approach.

The COCIS Advantage

  • User friendly and runs on any browser (Internet Explorer [IE], Firefox, Chrome and others).
  • Easy access to information and knowledge sharing.
  • Reduced error due to wrong linking in excel files and enhance/improve accuracy in computations.
  • Supports the capturing of information in different formats.
  • Historical Reporting and data archiving.
  • Centralized repository for Crude Oil Commercial Information.
  • Provision of consistency in reporting across to regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.
  • Elimination of overhead in report generation.
  • Simplified processes for report generation.
  • Customizable and user-defined alerts for prompting of users for inputs and reports generation.

  • Sending of generated reports with predefined mail templates as attachment.
  • Comprehensive audit capabilities.
  • Fine-grained security definition and control access.
  • Freezing of Inputs to the application.
  • Quick Terminal view showing equity owners’ stock balances and daily productions and lifting.
  • Support for Official Selling Price (OSP), Realisable Price (RP) and Model Prices.
  • Support for these agreement types: Joint Venture (JV), Alternative Funding (AF), Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) and Production Sharing Contract (PSC).
  • Stock balance computation and re-computation adjustments with price effects for the PSC (Production Sharing Cost) agreements.
  • Modelling for the PSC and PSA agreements.
  • Manual and auto scheduling of jobs (background processes) needed for COCIS operations

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