Procurement & Contracts
Management Suite

A workflow-driven enterprise application for automation of Material requisition,
Vendor Registration and Materials Technical Query.

PCMS is a web-based electronic workflow solution that automates and simplifies material procurement processes, vendor and manufacturer registration processes, and finally provides platform for monitoring and reporting goods delivered, purchasing orders created, and purchasing orders not created.

In large corporations, deivisions/departments are responsible for the provision of goods and services to the various entities within the organization, it not unexpected that the division will be inundated with large amount of jobs or services requests that need not just be attended to but discharged in efficient and timely manner. In some organizations, such processes are done manually by requesting entities through the use of paper-based forms which ae then filled by the requester and hand-carried from one hierarchy to another until such a time the request was either treated or discarded. The resulting consequence of such practice was the difficulty in tracking the location of the requests during their lifecycles, with complaints that internal customers (requesters and their hierarchies) lacked information on the progress of their requests and associated orders.

Thus, the need for this evolutionary technology suite... PCMS

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