Software Development

From the data modelling perspective TEQBRIDGE plans, designs, and implements efficient data models. We develop customized solutions for key industries, and offer expertise in implementing strategies that ensure data integrity, security, data recovery, and optimization of computing resources. We design complete client/server and web solutions using various suites of tools, including application development tools, platforms, and databases. We utilize these suites of tools to provide robust end-to-end solutions providing the ability and technology to support diverse solutions, such as e-Commerce, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Mobility, and Productivity.

TEQBRIDGE’s Sun Certified Java developers and architects design and develop n-Tier Enterprise Applications using J2EE. We provide architectural and development services, and also mentor our clients in the use of Java and related APIs. Our Java practice team has expertise in industry standard tools, and follows a rapid application development methodology that is CMM Level 3 compliant.

We use structural design patterns for mission critical applications and Tag Library for Rapid Application Development. Additionally, we provide support for developing infrastructure components such as Business Process Wizards, Tickler/Reminder Services, and Dynamic Form Generator, and for PDA and WAP applications.

At Teqbridge we have abundant skills in Microsoft .NET technologies. Teqbridge's Microsoft Certified Solution's Developers (MCSDs) specialize in building business centric application on the Microsoft .Net Framework. Our services take care of formal business requirement analysis, business process re-engineering, architectural definition, development, quality assurance and implementation of enterprise software. We make use of the standard Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture which makes our software scalable on different platforms (including the Cloud) and integration to existing software quite seamless.

Our Scrum software development methodology ensures the client is fully carried along with the building process and product feedback is evaluated and processed in real-time. Additionally, we incorporate business engine supporting components/tools such as Ajax UI, WorkflowEngine.NET and Crystal reporting engine to maintain industry-standards.

TEQBRIDGE also develops and deploys GIS (Geographic Information System) map-based solutions using ESRI ArcGIS tools and database to help governments in providing social services and private companies planning and tracking their businesses. Specifically, we automate registry and cadastral processes for States and Local Governments thereby improving Land business processes which ultimately delivers transparency, speed, reliability and improve IGR for the concerned government.

On the product side, apart from building custom applications and offering integration services to our customers, TEQBRIDGE has developed great solutions for different industries running live on customer sites. Some of our major products are listed below:

eRegistry Portal

This is an online and workflow-driven electronic land management solution that allows public access to electronic registration of land and property rights. This affords property owners and general public rights to transact land businesses on the fly from the comfort of their homes or offices without physically visiting land offices or government agencies responsible for land matters.

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COCIS (Crude Oil Commercial Information System)

This is a comprehensive, web-based solution that automates Crude Oil Accounting and Reports processes. COCIS also automates the Lifting operations such as Entitlement modelling, Lifting forecast and generation of different customizable reports. COCIS is a comprehensive, highly customizable and scalable solution used to deliver the core objectives of the Crude Oil Commercial Department. Most of the activities of the Crude Oil Commercial Division/Department rely on common set of data such as lifting, production, quota, prices, cost elements and others. COCIS handles computations, manipulations and processing of data within the affected departments and consolidates these data to single database and provides platform for future data mining and inferences. It also generates outputs in the form of reports, schedules and programming sheets.

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PCMS (Procurement & Contract Management System)

This is Material Requisition & Vendor Management System. Its workflow-driven electronic application used to automate forms for material requisition and vendor registration. This solution is good for large organizations with record number of material requisitions. With this solution, there is no guessing the status and location of a particular requisition or vendor application. The data provided over time though this solution becomes veritable tool for decision-making.

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