GIS Technology & Property
Valuation Implementation

Teqbridge in conjunction with our partner, Thomson Reuters implement Aumentum Valuation which is a web based appraisal system supporting a jurisdiction’s property valuation procedures that feeds into the property tax process. Aumentum Valuation leverages common Aumentum features such as flags, notes, security, event processing and iFramework tools and builds on the best features of the Thomson Reuters Core Market CAMA systems including ProVal, CustomCAMA, MARS, Sigma and MVP CAMA to deliver a rich set of end user tools creating a single web platform that seamlessly integrates with the Aumentum pack. GIS integration increases the consistency of analytical data. All information can be overlaid on maps allowing users to be better informed.

The Valuation software we implement is a fully configurable workflow solution to meet a jurisdiction’s needs but is based on a standardized data structure common to all implementations. Aumentum Valuation supports multiple models within each of the main valuation approaches, namely

  • Multiple Cost Approaches,
  • Comparison Approaches such as Modelled, Interactive and Sales / Assessment Comparables and
  • Income Approaches including Reported Income, Modelled Income and Discounted Cash Flow.

The use of modular valuation engines mitigates the risk of modifications to an existing engine having an adverse effect on a client’s data. Valuation engines supported include:

  • Land Valuation (Market & Agricultural Use),
  • Market Stratified Cost (Supports Craftsman and Marshall & Swift rate data),
  • California BOE Residential Cost,
  • Marshall & Swift MVP Commercial Cost Engine,
  • Comparable Sales, Modelled Income and Reported Income.
  • Aumentum Valuation’s rich statistical tools and use of variables provide for robust, defensible valuations being undertaken by a jurisdiction.

Other GIS Services we provide include the following;

  • Establishment of 1st, 2nd and 3rd order control points and associated monuments across a State
  • Procurement configuration of modern GPS equipment.
  • Development of geodetic reference framework for the states and appropriate transformation parameters to convert the current coordinate system to Minna/UTM.
  • Procurement of ICT equipment required to support modernization of land administration functions in the Land, Survey and Town Planning (LSTP).
  • Establishment of a production line and scan, index, QA & digitize property records/files and associated parcels enabling the State to commence Certificate of Occupancy Certification/Recertification exercise for digitized records.
  • Implementation of Certificate of Occupancy Recertification, Certification (First Registration), Subsequent Registrations and Ground Rent workflows in GRM Registry™ and GRM Cadastre™ software to configure parcels.
  • Configuration of hundreds of fees in the system to support land registration activities.
  • Acquisition of high resolution Ortho photos.
  • Aerial photography and associated Image and LIDAR processing and Mapping.
  • Offer trainings using some GIS Tools