Openbravo Business Suite

A global management solution built on top of a truly modular, mobile-enabled and cloud-ready technology platform that
allows organizations to deliver business process improvements faster, be more focused on business differentiation and
business process innovation, doing so with lower risks.

The Openbravo Business Suite offers a comprehensive business management solution with built-in ERP, CRM and BI capabilities, which can be easily integrated with legacy corporate systems to create highly differentiating or innovating solutions or scale up to the entire business management. All on a single product. The Openbravo Business Suite was launched in mid-last year, replacing the previous Openbravo ERP Platform.


Order to Cash

Increase sales orders processed daily, achieve faster time to cash and improve operational cost savings.

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Procure To Pay

Gain better control over your end-to-end procurement process to maximize return on invested capital.

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Project to Invoicing

Take control and proactively manage project costs and billing, from conception to completion.

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Make to Stock

Gain control of your production process for better alignment with your product demand.

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Storage to Distribution

Gain efficiency and accuracy in all your warehouse and inventory management activities.

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Accounting to Profit

Gain visibility into your financial performance and reduce time during your closing period activities.

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