Governor Jang of Plateau State, inspects the PLAGIS Project.

Governor inspects extent of project including its achievements and also problems and challenges of the implementation currently being faced.

From Right to Left: Governor Jonah David Jang of Plateau State, Arc. Yilji Mathew Joseph Gomwalk (Hon. Commissioner of Lands, Survey & Town Planning), Chiemeka Ngwu (MD Teqbridge Limited), Akin Federicks Akintola (CEO Ctworx)
Thursday, 24th March 2016, 11:56pm. | Published by Onochie Ojekwe

As part of the Governor’s inspection of various projects embarked upon by his administration within the state, Governor Jonah David Jang of Plateau State paid a visit to the complex of the state’s new PLAGIS project on Wednesday 2nd July, 2014 to inspect the extent of the project including its achievements so far and also to understand the problems and challenges of the implementation.

The project is an upgrade of the Plateau Geographical Information System. The MoU was signed by Arch. Yilji Gomwalk, the Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Town Planning, on behalf of the state government with the Chiemeka Ngwu, MD Teqbridge Limited on behalf of Teqbridge Limited & its international partner, Thomson Reuters back in August 2013 but actual work started January 2014.

The governor with his entourage, including the media was accompanied by many of his cabinet members including Arc. Yilji Mathew Joseph Gomwalk - the Hon. Commissioner of Lands, Survey & Town Planning, Edward Gyang Pwajok - the Hon. Commissioner of Justice/Attorney General, Plateau State, Paul Wai – the Hon. Commisioner of Ministry of Science & Technology, Prof. Shedrach Best – the Secretary to the State Government, Gideon Bidas – Director, Town Planning.

While inspecting, the governor expressed satisfaction with the extent work completed thus far by Teqbridge Limited with its international partner, Thomson Reuters. The Governor was also impressed with the various abilities and expectations of the PLAGIS project as demonstrated by Chiemeka Ngwu.

Also present was Akin Fredricks Akinola., CEO CTWorx, who are the consultants on the PLAGIS project and serve as the “eye” of the government in the implementation of the project.

Under the agreement signed with the government of Plateau State, TEQBRIDGE was contracted to implement the entire PLAGIS project back-to-back by providing the following products and services:

  • ICT Infrastructure procurement and setup
  • Plateau State Geodetic Reference System Upgrade and standardization which involves the modernization of the state’s geodetic infrastructure component required for the establishment of accurate 1st Order network across the state; and the development of a new geodetic reference system by devising and developing appropriate transformation parameters to convert the current coordinate system to Minna Datum/UTM.
  • C of O Certification and Re-Certification (with Ground Rent computation). This sub-project involves the process of re-engineering, streamlining and automation of the Registry and Cadastral processes in the Ministry of Land, Survey and Town Planning (MLSTP) as well as online fulfillment of land transactions.
  • Aerial Photography, Mapping, and LiDAR survey services. The resolution will be at 10cm (urban) and 25cm (rural).
  • Capacity Building and Workshops

After inspection of facilities at the PLAGIS complex, the governor also made visits to the permanent site of the PLAGIS office complex under construction.