Liferay Beginner's Guide Book Review.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 3:19pm. | Published by Onochie Ojekwe

A new book published by Packt Publishing, Birmingham UK was resently reviewed by Onochie Ojekwe of Teqbridge Limited. An extracted chapter of the book is available for free download at this link. (Chapter 1 - Planning Your Portal).

Authors: Robert Chen, Gaurav Barot, Samir Bhatt, Sandeep Nair, Mahipalsinh Rana. 
Publisher: Packt Publishing.
ISBN: 978-1-84951-700-3

Over the years, understanding web portal technology has always been more rewarding with a more hands-on-approach and rightfully Liferay Beginner's Guide has been written with this in mind. With its clear step by step guide, concise and direct pattern, the book clearly satisfies my own concept of learning technology.

As a reader and for beginners, the significance of Liferay Portal would be well appreciated, owing to the authors' methodology of beginning from the development planning and gradually ease the reader(s) through its installation, basic concepts and a step-by-step approach to building, deploying and maintaining Liferay Portal.

The book also doesn't only seem appropriate for beginners with no previous knowledge or experience of Liferay, but even more experienced Liferay developers, knowing that the basics can never be overlooked and such persons would surely get a better understanding of Liferay Portal concepts and techniques.

The authors notably began the book with a thorough view on planning your portal and understanding the basic requirements, rudiments and logically following up with its installation, look and feel customization, communities and organizations set up including user management. The sequence in its logical flow is highly commendable and makes the book very relevant for enthusiastic readers looking for a guide into the world of Liferay Portal. In my local parlance from Nigeria, we say "highly strictly on point!".

The book doesn't only make a good read for beginners and novices, but chapters like "Tips & Tricks - Advanced Configuration", "Setting up Online shop" & "Liferay Server Administration" would prove highly useful to even more experienced portal developers.

In my early days of Liferay Portal experience, my colleagues and I had sought out for a book like this but to no avail, emphasizing the need for such a book to have been published a long time ago, but its better late than never. And with my experience, its content and value should not be overlooked.

Liferay Beginner's Guide is a good introduction to Liferay Portal for novices and persons without any experience in Liferay Portal. Truly the book clearly achieves its goal of detailing quick and easy techniques to build, deploy and maintain Liferay Portal from scratch! With its more practical approach, it makes understanding and reading seamless and very convenient.

For more information about the book, Liferay Beginner's Guide, click here