Revolutionizing Land Administration as Lagos State Introduces Aumentum Solution

Wednesday, 22nd November 2023, 12:00am. | Published by ...

In a concerted effort to streamline and modernize land administration processes, the Lagos State Government has launched the 'Aumentum' Land Administration Automation process. This innovative initiative, unveiled by the Permanent Secretary of the Lands Bureau, Mr. Kamar Olowoshago, marks a significant milestone in the state's journey towards digital transformation.

At a recent briefing held at the Lands Bureau office in Alausa, Mr. Olowoshago highlighted the features and benefits of the Aumentum Solution, describing it as a digitized platform designed to automate land record management and property transaction registrations. This streamlined approach ensures a more organized, controlled, and transparent process for both the government and citizens alike.

Mr. Olowoshago emphasized that the adoption of the Aumentum Solution aligns with global best practices in land administration, positioning Lagos State as a pioneer in technology-driven governance. By leveraging this advanced system, the state aims to enhance productivity, boost revenue generation, and optimize customer service delivery across the board.

The journey towards digital transformation in land administration began years ago, with the implementation of key initiatives such as the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in 2013 and the introduction of electronic Certificates of Occupancy in 2014. Building on these foundations, the integrated Land Administration - Automation process was introduced in 2019, marking a significant leap forward in efficiency and effectiveness.

Acknowledging the visionary leadership of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Mr. Olowoshago highlighted the transformative impact of automation on land administration processes. He noted the cumbersome and time-consuming nature of manual procedures in the past, underscoring the importance of embracing technology to drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Explaining the intricate details of the transformation journey, Mr. Olowoshago outlined the various stages involved in digitizing and automating property documents. From preliminary sorting and merging of files to dispatching authenticated property folders for digitization, each step was meticulously executed to ensure a seamless transition from paper to digital formats.

To expedite the digitization process, the Bureau enlisted the support of approximately one hundred ad-hoc staff members. Their efforts, coupled with technological advancements, facilitated the conversion of manual documents into digital forms, improving accessibility and archival efficiency.

Reflecting on the significance of the Aumentum Solution, Mr. Olowoshago highlighted its ability to streamline business processes, enhance collaboration among government agencies, and reduce human interface. He also underscored the platform's user-friendly features, including secure online access and real-time application tracking, aimed at improving the overall customer experience.

As Lagos State continues its journey towards becoming a 21st-century economy, the adoption of the Aumentum Solution represents a pivotal step forward in realizing this vision. With its promise of increased efficiency, transparency, and productivity, the new system is poised to revolutionize land administration practices and set new benchmarks for governance excellence.